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Need better results from google?

Have you recently run a search on google for a product or service?
Perhaps even tried a search for your own website?

Need an AdWords consultant?

There are two ways to increase online business through your website.

  • Organic searches – optimize your website to rank high
  • AdWords campaigns – managed properly will increase business

If you decide that Google AdWords is the approach you want to take, managing it is not as simple as it used to be. New Google features are emerging regularly, making it difficult to stay on top of along with everything else you do to run your business. Ongoing new features such as extensions, product listings, mobile device marketing are designed to increase your marketing opportunities, and it takes time to learn the most effective way to use them.

Many of our clients have attempted to manage their own campaign, and quickly learned they weren’t getting the results they expected due to inaccurate settings and lack of knowledge about campaigns. Others have chosen to hire us and are happy to have us  continue to manage their campaign due to profitable results.

An AdWords management expert like The Graphic Attic can help you succeed in this new environment. We constantly upgrade our skills and stay on top of emerging tools and trends that in turn help you profit.

Adwords campaigns managed properly by a consultant will increase traffic and potential customers.

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The Graphic Attic Google Adwords Services Include:

  • Campaign Ad development
  • AdWords consulting
  • Account setup and optimization
  • Auction/bid cost management in order to ensure an optimised placement value
  • Keywords and excluded keywords lists management
  • Opportunities analysis  (new keywords, new segments)
  • Preparation of segmented campaigns allowing an analysis of efficiency according to different criteria
  • Budget Management

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